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Easynews, Inc is a HW Media Usenet/newsgroup reseller. Founded in 1994, Easynews service is available to individual users through a subscription model and as an outsourced service to internet service providers. Easynews currently offers service to over 1 million broadband users in 206 countries. Easynews offers Usenet access both through traditional Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) servers as well as a web interface using a standard.

One angry user wrote this about EasyNews on Trustpilot: I have an EasyNews account that is supposed to be an "unlimited annual" and it ran out of gigs. I am now locked out. I have sent several emails and received no replies. I can't log in to the search and they are not replying. This happened some time ago and they came to life when I left a review here. Other than this bull-crap of not answering the service is at least average. Their support link on their main page goes to an error 404 page. I have been with these guys for 17 years and their support has always been poor as they used to have a phone line for support but they got rid of it. I have been without service on an UNLIMITED ANNUAL ACCOUNT for 5 days now and no replies to my emails. I will be cancelling with them and looking for another web based News server if I don't hear from them in the next 48 hours.I will also be contacting the better business bureau of Los Angeles. If they are having covid problems, the least they could do is post a notice on they login page. I am beginning to think the have flown the coup with all their customers money. "No contact" is very scary and usually means something shady is going on.


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User says

"Easynews customer service is virtually nonexistent. Their payment system is antiquated and in desperate need of updating. Your automated processing system fails while your manual payment system succeeds with the SAME payment data. Explain that. Explain why the only option you have offered me is to perform yet another manual payment. Your customer service associates have NOT responded to my request to determine why the payment failed. They are not responding to my email and you to not offer phone service to resolve customer service issues."

Scott McConkey says

"This is a scam. Sign up for a free 14 day trial, 3 or 4 days later they bomb bill you $89.99 without ANY warning. Then claim its YOUR problem in attempt to get it addressed. Don't fall for it. You'll end up having to file a claim with your payment provider (PayPal or Credit Card). $90 for a 3 or 4 day trial, then blame the customer for your lack of business ethics? updated:12/11/20 Easynews, I HAVE contacted you multiple times on this, you REFUSE to offer a refund. I have the communication saved and documented. You took the time to comment & virtue signal in public, this is dishonest & unethical to NOT mention your refusal to refund. In your OWN contract, you clearly state that service is AUTOMATICALLY stopped when limit has been reached, to give the customer a chance to decide to stop or re-up."

Manny C. says

"Used to be really good, but has gone downhill. When Highwinds took over, support got really poor, and nice touches like a little bonus at Christmas disappeared. Development took a turn for the worse as the new search facilities are nowhere nearly as useful and although the old ones are still available, they only cover more recent postings. Completeness of posts is good, but a number of newsgroups seem to have disappeared. Speeds are mostly good, but this just shows up another aspect that isn't so great, the download limits on the web service. Given the Internet speeds available these days, using up an entire month's allocation in about an hour is insane! While larger allocations can be purchased, it starts to get too expensive. Unlimited NNTP access is available, but the only reason to prefer Easynews is the web interface and search. I will be changing to another service as soon as I can find one meeting my requirements."

agent double-o-seven says

"too many aggregated posts, aka binaries, get cancelled immediately after getting posted, while the articles they consist of are still available."

Shawn Blue says

"Didnt have a lot of the files I was looking for. The sure is put together well though. Easy to search and download."